Happy Valley professionals weigh in on using AI

By Holly Riddle  AI is everywhere in the news recently. Lawsuits worry over the impacts of AI. AI firms face inner-fighting and drama that makes headlines. Governments around the world are putting AI safeguards in place. No matter your industry, you can’t escape it. However, while AI may seem like a brand-new, potentially scary step […]


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TZero: A State College Sensor Company Created by Two Homebrewers is Shaking Up the Brewing Industry for Good

TZero is working with breweries as far afield as Alaska and Quebec, California and Florida, to help brewers more easily and precisely oversee their brews via the power of sensor technology. Just because something’s been done the same way for hundreds of years, that doesn’t always make it the best way to do something. Take, […]

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CIMP-3D: Revolutionizing Industry with Additive Manufacturing

This fall, industry practitioners from more than 60 companies – doctors and teachers, gas & oil and aerospace engineers – will be learning how to use 3D printing to revolutionize their professions. The first of its kind in the world, Penn State’s Master of Engineering in Additive Manufacturing and Design program educates the next generation’s […]

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Pet care giant Nestle Purina relies on local technology to manufacture smarter

Nestle Purina has 20 plants in the U.S., which manufacture 99% of its pet food products sold in the United States. The company has 80 years of dominating the field of pet health and wellness. And the team at Nestle Purina is filled with innovators. They’re not afraid of changing things up to keep with […]

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Morgan Advanced Materials Teams with Penn State on Carbon Breakthroughs for Manufacturing Applications

 Vern Squier, president and CEO of the Chamber of Business & Industry of Centre County; Andrew Goshe, global technical director at Morgan Advanced Materials; Neil Sharkey, Penn State vice president for research; Pete Raby, CEO at Morgan Advanced Materials; Phil Armstrong, CoE lead at Morgan Advanced Materials; and Nick Jones, Penn State executive vice president […]

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Global Software Applications: From Happy Valley Internet Café to International Software Solution

If you went to Penn State in the early 2000s, you might remember a little internet café in downtown State College called Java Vista. While Java Vista stopped serving up espresso and Wi-Fi long ago, the proprietary software that fueled the café has gone on to power hotel business centers around the world. “Perhaps we […]

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10 Voices Leading Happy Valley Industry 4.0

Saving lives, saving millions upon millions of dollars and saving American industry. The leading industrial technology companies in the world are building Industry 4.0 based on these tenets and a history of innovating solutions to make business better. Outstanding quality, cutting-edge technology, renowned service and a drive to move businesses forward is what makes these […]

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The Ingenious Power of Partnership

Invent Penn State is a Commonwealth-wide initiative to spur economic development, job creation and student career success. Invent Penn State blends entrepreneurship-focused academic programs, business startup training and incubation, funding for commercialization, and university / community / industry collaborations to facilitate the challenging process of turning research discoveries into valuable products and services that can benefit Pennsylvanians and humankind.
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