The township driving Happy Valley's population growth

Amenity-rich new homes with scenic views are part of the appeal to new residents in Benner Township. Benner Township saw a 4.42% population increase between 2022 and 2023, leading Centre County’s 35 municipalities, and contributing to the county’s overall growth of 0.17%. A surge in residential and commercial developments is a key factor in the […]


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The LEGO of EV charging stations

If you’ve been following HappyValley Industry’s coverage of this year’s Invent Penn State Summer Founders Program participants, then you’ve already learned about a few of the cool startups to most recently come out of Penn State, from an app that helps consumers gauge wait times at bars and restaurants to a drug discovery solution that […]

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CPI filling the gap between talent and industry

by Holly Riddle Photo: CPI Facebook According to an April article from McKinsey & Company, the skilled labor shortage that American industry has been facing for a while doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon, due to a variety of factors. There’s the aging workforce and lack of young replacements. Meanwhile, changes in industry, […]

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New Happy Valley startup solves problem for both locals and students

by Holly Riddle If you’ve been following our recent coverage of the Invent Penn State Summer Founders Program — which invites six startups to spend the summer in Happy Valley, working on their startups with the help of Invent Penn State and Happy Valley LaunchBox powered by PNC Bank resources — then you’ve already met […]

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“It was really incredible to see the amount of support Penn State has for entrepreneurs”

by Holly Riddle In our last installment of our series on covering new Happy Valley startups recently recognized at Penn State Startup Week powered by PNC, we spoke with Samuel Marshall, co-founder of Shamba Share, alongside Jaiden Asch. The two participated in the 2024 Invent Penn State Inc.U Competition, where they won the $2,500 People’s Choice […]

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Amplifying vocational tech schools to empower young talent and support American manufacturing

By Emily Babinchak  In a shifting educational landscape where the allure of traditional four-year institutions is waning, vocational technical education is re-emerging as a beacon of opportunity. According to recent data from the Wall Street Journal: More 18-year-olds are opting for skilled trade work over pricey college degrees.This trend is reflected in the increasing enrollment […]

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New Happy Valley businesses fill media void

By Holly Riddle  When you think of Happy Valley media, what companies come to mind? Maybe AccuWeather? Or WPSU Penn State? Or one of the region’s handful of marketing and advertising firms? While many of these are longstanding community institutions, newcomers on the scene are poised to make a big impact in the ever-evolving media […]

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