10 Voices Leading Happy Valley Industry 4.0


Saving lives, saving millions upon millions of dollars and saving American industry. The leading industrial technology companies in the world are building Industry 4.0 based on these tenets and a history of innovating solutions to make business better. Outstanding quality, cutting-edge technology, renowned service and a drive to move businesses forward is what makes these 10 Happy Valley voices the leaders in their fields. 

1. Concurrent Technologies Aims to Increase the World’s Safety & Productivity

Concurrent Technologies' mission is threefold: to keep American manufacturing at the top, preserve America's technological advantages and keep U.S. national security safe and intact. To that end, this nonprofit organization has continually honed its expertise in engineering and manufacturing, readiness and training, and information technology. Among its many accolades and awards, CTC was awarded as one of the Top 10 Additive Manufacturing Solutions Providers by Manufacturing Outlook in July 2020.

2. KCF Technologies Enhances Safety While Eliminating Unplanned Downtime

As the epitome of Industry 4.0, KCF Technologies has been dedicated to transforming American manufacturing since it was founded by three Penn State University researchers in 2000, striving to achieve zero waste, unplanned downtime and workplace injuries. KCF delivers a comprehensive solution with its IIoT platform, cloud-based analytics and enterprise software to collect critical data, predict machine health and extend the life of its clients' assets.

3. Avail Technologies: A Game Changer for Transit Companies

Less lost data, more on-time transit. Those are just two of the ways that Avail Technologies’ Enterprise Transit Management Software and data-driven transit solutions benefit transit companies, with solutions for everything from manufacturing to maintenance, business operations to rider notifications, ensuring seamless and complete intelligence with industry-leading ITS technology and services. In 2018, PennDOT chose Avail as its transit technology provider tasked with improving operations for 32 Pennsylvania transit agencies.

4. Sensor Networks Inc. Delivers Smart Solutions to Complex Asset Integrity Challenges

There’s nothing smart about corrosion, but the solutions that Sensor Networks has to offer are. A combination of non-intrusive ultrasonic transducer (UT) corrosion monitoring and remote visual inspection keeps more money in the pockets of Sensor Networks' clients by allowing them to respond quickly to problems. In 2019, Sensor Networks, Inc. moved from its location on Technology Drive to a new headquarters in State College. 

5. Chromatography is at the Heart of Restek

Stellar customer service and the ability to provide solutions for anyone running LC or GC make Restek the leading chromatography column and accessories developer and manufacturer. Since its inception in 1985, Restek's been awarded many accolades on the local, state and national level, including a spot on the Wall Street Journal's "15 Top Small Workplaces" and SelectScience’s award, “Reviewers’ Choice for Analytical Science Company of the Year.” 

6. MP Machinery & Testing Serves Client Needs Through Advanced Tech

This State College-based technology company is among the top manufacturers in the global shock test machines market, which is projected to undergo significant expansion through 2025. MP Machinery & Testing provides a variety of services to industries of all types, including analytics, experiments and consulting. MPM also manufactures essential equipment, including in-situ heating and cooling equipment, Charpy impact test machines, finite element analysis, high temperature reference electrodes and more.

7. Minitab’s Client Roster Includes Many Fortune 100 Companies

Minitab, which is headquartered in State College, is a global provider of services and software for statistics education and quality improvement. Roughly 90 percent of Fortune 100 companies rely on Minitab's flagship product, Minitab Statistical Software. But it serves a lineup of customers large and small across a variety of industries, helping businesses of all sizes and types achieve their vision of success. Its product lineup also includes software for predictive modeling and machine learning, online statistics training, tools for project oversight and more.

8. Remcom Provides Custom EM Solutions and Next-Level Customer Service

When design engineers and electromagnetic simulation professionals need custom solutions, they turn to Remcom. This Happy Valley industrial tech company is a major player in the growing global electromagnetic simulation software market, which is projected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of nine percent from 2020 through 2025. Its focus is on delivering quality software while focusing squarely on its customers, which has been setting it apart from others in the field for more than two decades. 

9. API Technologies Brings Industry 4.0 to Happy Valley and Around the Globe

This key player in the electronics components and security technologies market is driving Industry 4.0 from its location in Happy Valley, along with multiple other locations across the world. API’s 240,000-square-foot location in State College is dedicated to the manufacture of disc capacitors, ceramic tube, inductors and transformers. API delivers innovative, high-quality solutions to clients across a variety of industries, including the military, government, aerospace, medical, communications and industrial arenas.  

10. SilcoTek Corporation’s Innovative CVD Coatings Enhance Mechanical Efficiency

The leading chemical vapor deposition (CVD) coatings provider in the world is headquartered right here in Happy Valley. SilcoTek's high performance CVD coatings transform its customers' parts and machinery using game-changing technology that delivers next-level performance. Passionate employees and exceptional customer service ensure that every client's expectations are met as SilcoTek services across a variety of industries, including analytical companies, semiconductor industries and the medical field. SilcoTek’s technology is even up in space.  


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