Oberon’s Wireless Infrastructure Solutions Driving Industry 4.0 Forward


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What would Industry 4.0 be without a robust, reliable wireless infrastructure? Integrating wireless access points in an industrial setting can pose a challenge, particularly if you consider the costs associated with the potential downtime not just for installation, but also for service and maintenance. Happy Valley’s Oberon offers a line of solutions that allow an ideal blanket of coverage and offer seamless, effective integration in any environment, keeping business and industry up and running.

Oberon has been providing innovative wireless solutions since 1999. From its Happy Valley location, Oberon has served a wide customer base while cementing its role as one of the leading manufacturers of Wi-Fi infrastructure solutions in the country. In 2019, it joined the Chatsworth Products family, merging with the global information and communications technology manufacturer to provide a combined expertise to better serve customers, expanding its capabilities in advancing Industry 4.0.

Oberon's line of modular solutions is created to adapt to unique needs. They can be used inside or outdoors with a variety of mounting options to work around the constraints of the facility. In addition to working with manufacturers, warehouses and other industrial businesses, Oberon serves a wide range of clients from architects to contractors to wireless managers. Its products are in use across industries, including in educational settings, healthcare, retail, hospitality, governmental facilities, smart cities and outdoor venues.

Proven Solutions for Clients Near and Far

When Carnegie Mellon needed tamper-proof, rugged enclosures to help manage wireless demands of nearly 20,000 students, faculty and staff, they turned to Oberon. In addition to providing rugged enclosures, the company was also able to provide customized solutions to outfit spaces with unique mounting challenges.

When one New York City telecommunications provider needed sleek and secure ceiling enclosures to protect their Wi-Fi installations, they also turned to Oberon’s product lines, which offer a variety of options for organizations to select the collection that best meets their needs. For example, for Wi-Fi and radio access point devices that need to be mounted horizontally for the best coverage, Oberon offers a variety of wall-mounted brackets that provide aesthetics and secure installation.

Other Oberon products include:

  • Hi-Bar: The Hi-Bar collection provides a sleek, secure way to integrate Wi-Fi access points into the architecture of the space while concealing wires, antennas and other components.
  • Envelop: The Envelop ceiling mounting line allows non-intrusive installation within a recessed panel to integrate wireless technology without interfering with the architecture or aesthetics of the space.
  • Skybar: For public venues and outdoor spaces, Oberon offers its Skybar line, with concealed hinge and rounded edges that protect vulnerable access points and other components while stowing them neatly beneath seating, on walls or even on light poles.
  • Retrofit Doors: It also offers a series of retrofit doors that allow its clients to quickly and easily upgrade antennas and equipment within installed enclosures.
  • NetPoint: Clients who want to integrate access points and equipment right into specific locations in outdoor or public venues can choose from a variety of options with the NetPoint collection, which offers a variety of bollard in a range of heights and colors to integrate into college campuses, metropolitan areas, parks and more.
  • Wi-Tile: For hospitals, retail establishments, financial services companies and governmental facilities, security is among the chief concerns when it comes to installing wireless infrastructure. And Oberon's Wi-Tile collection answers that call with locking enclosures that install in place of a suspended ceiling tile, allowing for simplified Infection Control Risk Assessments without compromising aesthetics or security.


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