James Norrie is on a mission to keep your employees safe from phishing


We’re just days away from the first Central PA Innovate! Exhibition. Dr. James Norrie will be one of the speakers, and he’ll be talking about how to keep your employees safer from cyber attacks with personalized prevention technology.

HVI: Tell us about your company in one sentence.

Norrie: CyberconIQ is a cybersecurity firm that helps companies manage their human-factors risk by modifying online employee behavior to keep companies safer.  We focus on helping our clients reduce the risk of phishing, smishing, fishing, whaling and social engineering attacks using behavioral science as the basis for everything that we do.

HVI: What’s your company’s secret sauce that sets you apart from your competitors?

Norrie: We have patent-pending myQ stylizer that distinguishes anyone’s online instincts and impulses connected to what makes them most vulnerable online so that we can personalize their training and prevention methods to make them safer online.

HVI: What pain points is your company uniquely solving for your customers?

Norrie: We can cut the risk of an employee being phished by 45% - 95%.  In controlled experiments, our solution outperforms the competition, proven to be 4x -6x times more effective at changing on-the-job behavior than generic training alternatives.

HVI: What do you think the benefits are for tech companies to exist within the Central PA technology and innovation ecosystem?

Norrie: We draw on a great pool of local talent who are looking for opportunities in this emerging industry and we use their dedication and skill to outpace the competition in terms of product innovation, speed-to-market and excellent client service.

HVI: Can you finish this statement: After attending your talk at the conference, attendees will know ____________________.

Norrie: How to prevent their employees from being hacked and attacked online and how to avoid a cybersecurity breach that can have devastating consequences for any business.  Let us help keep you safer online. 



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