Happy Valley professionals weigh in on using AI

By Holly Riddle  AI is everywhere in the news recently. Lawsuits worry over the impacts of AI. AI firms face inner-fighting and drama that makes headlines. Governments around the world are putting AI safeguards in place. No matter your industry, you can’t escape it. However, while AI may seem like a brand-new, potentially scary step […]


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What Makes Restek Tick?

Photo: Restek A talented, invested workforce is the driver behind Restek’s success HappyValley Industry recently featured Restek as a “10 Voices Leading Happy Valley Industry 4.0”, and for good reason. Stellar "Plus 1" customer service and the ability to provide solutions for anyone running liquid or gas chromatography (LC or GC) make Restek a leading […]

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How the Latest Penn State Research Will Impact the Booming Biosensor Market

Penn State research impacting the projected $33 billion biosensor market A new electrochemical sensor developed by Penn State researchers now can make the antibiotic susceptibility testing process simpler, while still being low-cost and portable, while also directly monitoring viable bacteria in liquid samples such as blood or milk. This development can impact a range of industries, […]

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Global Software Applications Recognized for Professional Ethics

Photo: Global Software Applications Every year, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives out awards to prominent businesses that show a high level of quality in their services. This year, it recognized Happy Valley software development company Global Software Applications LLC as a finalist for the 2020 BBB Torch Award for Ethics.  The BBB Torch Award […]

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5 Things Happy Valley Offers Professionals

Photo: Fauxels (Pexels) Work-Life Balance? Nailed it. Livability has become a buzzword over the past decade, but it’s never been as apropos as it is today. A recent NPR story reports those who find themselves working remotely are decamping to small cities to ride out the pandemic, choosing to continue their jobs in a place […]

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How Did You Attract Your Happy Valley Talent?

Photo: Fauxels (Pexels) When it came to attracting your top talent, what made your company stand out among a sea of tech and industry leaders? Your “secret sauce” might just help prevent a talent shortage of 85 million people. It’s no secret that Happy Valley is the best place to work and play — at […]

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AccuWeather: How the Global Weather Giant Supports Business & Industry Around the World

Photo: AccuWeather How AccuWeather is impacting manufacturing, industry and even forensics — all from Happy Valley Gone are the days of a “wait and see” approach to weather. While it used to be something to be dealt with as it came, weather is now a carefully calculated science that can predicted down to the minute […]

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The Ingenious Power of Partnership

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