Asset failures? Not on your watch


What type of [plant manager] are you? One who’s content with business as usual, or one who says “not on my watch” to common issues plaguing plants, like forced outages, safety risks and deteriorating infrastructure that distract you. Let’s face it: In today’s environment, where plants are also facing broader challenges like economic uncertainty, labor shortages, and mandatory net-zero emissions goals, there’s no room for business as usual.

Say it with me: “Not on my watch.” The good news is, you’re not alone in your commitment.

Founded in 2013 Gecko Robotics is now tracking 60,000-plus assets across a range of sectors and industries, from oil and gas to manufacturing to defense.

With the introduction of Cantilever, Gecko combines software and AI to remove the guesswork so you can predict exactly what will fail, automate repair plans using AI to maximize budgets and increase the useful life of your existing infrastructure.

For more than a decade, Gecko has been using wall-climbing, ultrasound-enabled robots to inspect steel and concrete infrastructure, generating millions of data points that enable you to make smarter, better-informed maintenance decisions. Cantilever utilizes this data to empower you to do more than decrease downtime: You can eliminate it to near zero.

Cantilever is a web application that’s open to everyone in your organization with the right credentials. It allows you to see your assets in 3D, and also combines all your historic and current repair and maintenance data, to use predictive analysis to anticipate repairs from today through 20+ years into the future. Cantilever looks at which of your assets need repairs and how quickly they’ll need them based on degradation rates so you can prioritize appropriately.

If you’re battling failures and outages due to aging infrastructure, Cantilever can help you pinpoint repairs, extend the lifespan of aging infrastructure and cut downtime to near zero. Get in touch today for a consultation.


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