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By Greg Woodman

Last July, I was running a half-marathon that happened to be two days after my Dad’s funeral. Both of our hearts stopped the same week. I was fortunate that some heroic people who were running behind me saved my life.

I get many questions about what I saw or what my thoughts are about this "sudden death." When my heart stopped, I felt absolutely nothing. Lights out. No pain. It is comforting to know my Dad finally was pain-free.

I have always had an awareness of moments when I let my heart win or my brain win—when I do something that feeds my soul, or something more practical. Now, I listen to my heart a little more often and I suggest you do, too.

You might fail, but through failure, we learn. Trust me, when your heart fails, you learn.

One of my favorite expressions, “fail fast, fail forward” came to "life" for me— the ultimate “moment of truth,” helping me to connect with who I am at my core and evaluate my choices past, present, and future... and my motives.

Last week a local magazine came out with my photo on the cover titled “Dead Man Running.”  The same week, this Ted Talk by Susan David titled "The Gift and Power of Emotional Courage" shows up on my feed. Here are some excerpts that bring the two together in my mind.

As humans when we say things like:

"I don't want to try because I don't want to feel disappointed."

Or, "I just want this feeling to go away."

"I understand," I say to them. "But you have dead people's goals."

Only dead people never get unwanted or inconvenienced by their feelings.

Only dead people never get stressed, never get broken hearts,
never experience the disappointment that comes with failure.

Tough emotions are part of our contract with life.

You don't get to have a meaningful career or raise a family or leave the world a
better place without stress and discomfort.

“Discomfort is the price of admission to a meaningful life.”

So how am I going to use my time going forward?

With the gift of time that I was given by the once-strangers (now friends) who saved my life, I want to give others the gift of transformation. It starts with opening your heart to uncomfortable feelings. Tell your rational brain to quit holding you back. Let's grow 10 x.

I am passionate about supporting the growth and success of businesses like yours. HappyValley Industry’s cooperative-style partnerships are tailored to customized to elevate your visibility and amplify your story.

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If you want to join me on this journey, let’s find a time to talk about how we can thrive together. In the meantime, check out our rate card.

Life is short. Don’t choose “dead people’s goals” because they are “safe.”

I have the time and capacity to help you grow. Here to serve and help you Run with Heart!

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