A prime relocation opportunity for innovative investors or business owners


By Frances Thorsen

Potential is in the eye of the entrepreneur…..this property sits directly across the street to Millbrook Marsh

For investors or business owners contemplating a strategic relocation, 629 Puddintown Road in State College offers an unparalleled opportunity. This 10,000 square-foot commercial property on a 1.2-acre lot is not just another real estate listing. It's a versatile business asset located in the shadow of Beaver Stadium and listed at just $399,000. Currently functioning as an office building and dairy distribution facility, the property's R-1 zoning offers a unique blend of residential and commercial possibilities.

Key features tailored for executive decision-making

Before delving into the property's multifaceted potential, consider its key attributes:

Versatile usage: Adaptability for various business models.

Loading docks: Streamlined logistics and distribution.

Strategic location: Proximity to Route 26 and Beaver Stadium.

Ample parking: Accommodates staff and clients effortlessly.

Room for expansion: 1.2-acre lot for future growth.

Thriving business hub: Located in a vibrant college town.

Innovative utilization strategies for businesses

  1. Mixed-use development: The corporate campus

Envision a corporate campus that integrates residential units for employees with commercial spaces. The ground floor could host a company cafeteria, fitness center, or even a childcare facility, fostering a work-life balance for your team.

  1. Child and adult care centers: Employee benefits

Address the needs of your diverse workforce by offering on-site child and adult care facilities. This could be a significant draw for top talent.

  1. Places to assemble: The innovation hub

Transform the property into a multi-functional space that could serve as a conference center, innovation lab, or even an incubator for startups.

  1. Educational facilities: Corporate training centers

Invest in your human capital by converting part of the property into a training or R&D center, focusing on sectors like technology or healthcare that are booming in State College.

  1. Farm uses: Corporate sustainability

Set a new trend in corporate sustainability by dedicating a portion of the lot to urban farming and supplying fresh produce for your employees or the local State College Food Bank.

  1. Public park and recreational areas: Community engagement

Enhance your corporate social responsibility profile by developing a public park or recreational area and offering sponsorship or naming rights for additional revenue.

  1. Home occupations: The future of work

Create live-work units to attract remote workers or freelancers who collaborate with your company, offering them a balanced lifestyle.

  1. Custom workshops: Skill development

Establish artisanal workshops that can serve as team-building exercises or even produce goods for charity auctions.

  1. Wireless communications facility: Seamless connectivity

Ensure optimal connectivity for your operations by hosting a wireless communications facility on the property.

  1. Planned residential developments: The self-sufficient ecosystem

Consider a more ambitious project that includes a mix of residential and commercial spaces, designed as a self-contained community for your employees.

629 Puddintown Road is not just a property; it's a strategic asset that offers a canvas for innovation and growth. Its unique features and zoning flexibility make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to make a mark in State College. With its strategic location, especially its proximity to Beaver Stadium, Downtown State College, Penn State’s Innovation Park, I-99, and the airport, and room for expansion on a 1.2-acre lot, this property is ripe for transformation into a corporate haven.

For investors with a vision, this property offers the perfect blend of location, versatility, and potential, waiting to be molded into your company's next success story.

The property is listed by Frances Thorsen and Dawn Dyer of eXp Realty.


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