Power operator eliminates boiler tube leaks and reducing time and costs for maintenance and repairs


In a recent case study, a power operator was experiencing a high number of boiler tube leaks every year using manual inspection and manual repair planning. When they first partnered with Gecko to use robotic inspections, they cut leaks by 50%.

Now, using Cantilever, they have experienced zero leaks since implementation. Even better, their maintenance and repair processes required less time and less money.

Gecko’s solutions are also helping plant managers like you reduce risk to maintenance workers and reduce excess emissions caused by failures in industries such as power and oil and gas.

If you are ready to take the lead on transforming your plant, find out how best-in-class plants are utilizing tools like Cantilever to extend the life of their assets, save their facilities and, in turn, save jobs and the small towns that rely on their existence — all while making a positive contribution to the environment and keeping America competitive on a global stage.

Even if your plant is not in the market for a new solution right now, we want to welcome you to our one-of-a-kind Innovation Summit so you can learn more about how your plant can reach its potential.


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