Happy Valley: Home of the smart chip?

By Jeff Cavanaugh Across the globe, people rely on smart technology every second of the day, but current security technology within smart devices is lacking in energy conservation and overall efficiency. A team of Penn State researchers hopes to change that. Photo: Kelby Hochreither, Penn State A team of Penn State researchers led by Saptarshi […]


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Revel: bringing EV innovation to a city near you

By David Rockower Paul Suhey and Frank Reig co-founded Revel Transit in 2018. Credit: Revel   When co-founders Paul Suhey and Frank Reig founded Revel Transit in 2018, they never imagined that they’d be on the streets of New York City swapping batteries and replacing brake levers and mirrors at 2 a.m. during a pandemic. […]

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A community of thought leaders can always be found at Happy Valley’s

By Stephanie Kalina-Metzger Each semester, the individuals living at the attend a retreat to bond and get to know each other.   You could say that Spud Marshall and Christian Baum specialize in community, with a goal of bringing people together for a positive purpose, while fulfilling a need. The two are known among […]

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The metaverse is coming… but not just yet

By Timothy Kelly Dr. Patric Dudas explaining camera tech to Metaverse Symposium participants. Credit: Penn State/J. Futrick/ICDS   If it’s not here yet, then what’s all the hype about the metaverse? Google searches for the term “metaverse” peaked in early November 2021 after Facebook changed its name to Meta. Yet, the popularity of the search […]

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Saliva and the science of sleep

By Holly Riddle Salimetrics’ new at-home assessment provides crucial biological data to those suffering from sleep disorders. (Photo: Provided)   The last time HappyValley Industry caught up with Salimetrics, the company and leader in salivary bioscience was hard at work developing game-changing, saliva-based, Covid-19 antibody tests. Since then, the team, with its offices in Innovation […]

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The future is soft

By Holly Riddle What do cephalopods like squid and octopi have in common with artificial organs, skin prosthetics and neurorobotics? According to one team of researchers, led by Dr. Cunjiang Yu, Dorothy Quiggle Career Development associate professor of engineering science and mechanics and biomedical engineering at Penn State, quite a lot. The team recently announced […]

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Connecting chemistry, structure and function

By Holly Riddle Robert Hickey, assistant professor of materials science and engineering at Penn State Penn State is no stranger to materials research. Referenced as “Materials Valley” in the past, Happy Valley has positioned itself at the forefront of this area of research that touches “virtually every field of science and engineering,” according to the […]

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