Happy Valley: Home of the smart chip?

By Jeff Cavanaugh Across the globe, people rely on smart technology every second of the day, but current security technology within smart devices is lacking in energy conservation and overall efficiency. A team of Penn State researchers hopes to change that. Photo: Kelby Hochreither, Penn State A team of Penn State researchers led by Saptarshi […]


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Business, Education and Research: How Innovation Park Provides the Perfect Environment for Industry Innovation

Image: Salimetrics In 1989, Penn State University Trustees designated an area near the university’s football stadium for a research park “where collaboration between the university and private sector companies can grow," transferring university-based knowledge "to the market place and to foster economic development." Today, Innovation Park at Penn State is an ecosystem where business, education […]

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Impulse Technology Makes Strides in Restoring Mobility for Amputees

Image: Invent Penn State In the span of a single minute, two people have lost a limb somewhere in the world. Research shows that there are approximately 1 million amputations around the world — and 185,000 in the U.S. — every year. However, traditional prosthetics rarely provide the ease of motion needed to empower amputees, […]

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Aleo BME’s Elaskin Finding Consumer Market Success for Wound Care

Image: Aleo BME Dressings and bandages are commonly used as go-to solutions for most minor wounds. But they’re not the ideal option in many cases. For anyone who needs a flexible, waterproof bandage that can keep wounds clean and protected, even while working in less-than-ideal conditions, there have been minimal options available—until recently. In January […]

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Making Miniaturized Electronics

Image: : Elizabeth Flores-Gomez Murray/Penn State Penn State research could make way for new electronics the size of an atom A team of Penn State and University of Tokyo researchers have recently combined one-dimensional van der Waals heterostructures in such a way that could lead to new, miniature electronics. A van den Waals heterostructure, according […]

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Student-Powered Nittany AI Solves Real World Problems with Artificial Intelligence

Image: NyansapoNyansapo has already put the app to use during a 10-day literacy bootcamp in Kenya.   Nittany AI Alliance started five years ago with a challenge: “What is a real-world problem that Penn State students are experiencing that can be solved with artificial intelligence (AI)?” Since then, that question has been answered by students […]

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A Destination for Innovators in Advanced Manufacturing

Image: Penn State/Pamela Krewson Wertz Researchers in the Penn State College of Engineering, including Dr. Todd Palmer, recently received funding from the U.S. Army for further development and research in additive manufacturing, 3D printing and techniques for high-strength steels and alloys. Here, Dr. Palmer about his research and what it means on a global scale, as […]

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Innovation Park at Penn State is part of one of the world’s premier research institutions, with access to Penn State’s scientific, engineering, technology, and business resources, as well as the support services needed to transfer knowledge from the University to the marketplace.

Available Space:
For questions about available space at Innovation Park contact Dan Leri at (814) 865-5925

331 Innovation Boulevard:
For inquires about leasing at 331 Innovation Boulevard, contact leasing agent Tom MacDonald at (412) 434-1028.

Employees in the Park:
For questions on meeting space, the coolBlue community, and other park benefits and services, contact Brenda Cummins at (814) 865-5925.

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