Four Happy Valley, Industry 4.0 Customer Success Stories


Thanks to the quality products and services being designed in Happy Valley, customers and clients are finding local, national and global success. Below are four examples of companies helping their customers succeed.

SurferQuest is Helping Global Clients Increase Revenue

SurferQuest is helping hotels across the worldwide meet their goal to provide high-end customer service amenities for guests. SurferQuest customers like Marriott, Westin and Grand Hyatt Hotels are using SurferQuest to provide guests with business centers that can print boarding passes, connect to mobile devices for e-printing and offer secure web browsing. They offer social center lobby iPads for small spaces, Flight Time TV™ for real-time flight information and customizable hardware for complete software packages. These offerings are being implemented around the world and yielding tangible results. 

One client, CSM Corp. (Hotel IT Co.), says it well on the SurferQuest testimonials webpage, “SurferQuest Internet Kiosk Software is the ideal solution for any public space access. The software is simple to set up and easy to use. They have worked with our technicians and adapted their software to fit our company’s exact needs. The technical support staff has been nothing but helpful. Our revenue has done nothing but go up since we started using SurferQuest™ Software.” 

Hawthorne Suites specifically highlights guest satisfaction with SurferQuest products, a win for both parties. “We have gotten a great response from our guests with SurferQuest. Being able to print their boarding passes makes their entire travel experience easier. It is definitely a guest amenity that has paid off in the service to the guests.” 

Project Vive Gives a Priceless Gift with Every Product

Project Vive exists for those it serves. Founder Mary Elizabeth McCulloch created a product designed to give a (literal) voice to the voiceless through accessible technology, and the startup organization is succeeding in doing just that.

After a successful fundraiser to create and distribute 13 Voz Boxes and winning the Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge and receiving $100,000 in 2017, McCulloch is now working to create a robust product and training model, testing with the ALS clinic, and planning big. The hope for Project Vive is to go global and create a voice for 1 million people by 2023.

For each Voz Box created and distributed, a voice is given to someone silenced by a disability, and that is a major victory for any Voz Box recipient. 

De Novo DNA Helps Biotech Researchers

De Novo DNA is helping biotech researchers engineer organisms, making the work of biotech researchers significantly easier. Their first product designs organisms with desired functionalities through a sophisticated software platform hosting over 8,000 registered users and 500,000 DNA sequences. De Novo DNA’s algorithms can design new DNA sequences to carry out targeted functions. 

In an article published by Innovation Park at Penn State, founder Howard Silas says, “We are recognized leaders in the emerging field of Synthetic Biology for our ability to quantitatively predict how DNA sequences control cellular functions, validated across thousands of experiments.”

De Novo DNA serves a variety of clients, including those from the medical, industrial and agricultural biotech sectors, in addition to a large community of academic researchers – several of whom have reached commercial success with help from De Novo DNA.

KCF Tech is Saving Customers Millions

Across the United States, KCF Technologies is helping customers achieve 10-20x ROI on its products. As an example, they helped their client, ECore, save $20M with one catch. What was the catch? 

ECore, an industrial flooring manufacturer, operates a cutting machine that was built in Germany in 1952. Every year, it becomes harder to maintain. In what felt like a technology gamble, ECore had KCF install wireless sensors on this machine. It was a big change from their previous form of preventative maintenance, which left them vulnerable to unforeseeable issues.

Shortly after install, the sensors picked up unhealthy signals from the machine's gearbox. The ECore team was able to fix a small leak and move on with their manufacturing. What ended up as barely a blip on their radar, would’ve turned into a $20M fix (special order parts, roof removal, crane and 26 weeks of downtime!) without the sensors.

This is just one example of KCF Technologies working to help its clients see big success with its products. 

An Aim for Success

These businesses, and many more in Happy Valley, have developed a singular focus: helping their customers win. In turn, they're forging their own path to success.

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