Female-Led Med Tech Company Pushes Forward Amidst COVID-19


Actuated Medical is working hard to help specialized populations during COVID, as well as to continue serving the medical community in new ways, despite the pandemic.

Actuated Medical, Inc. (AMI) has been busy this year, developing, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, face shields for industries and populations with various needs that can’t be met with traditional face masks (ie, face shields that fit into football helmets for students, smaller sizes of face shields for children and face shields that clip directly onto hard hats for construction workers). But, as commendable as this effort is, it’s hardly the only thing that makes Actuated Medical stand out.

“AMI is one of the few med tech companies led by a female CEO and is also a certified Women’s Owned Business. Over the last 13 years, Maureen Mulvihill built a central Pennsylvania company that develops, manufactures and sells medical devices. By establishing an ‘internal’ start-up ecosystem, her team has the infrastructure to incubate creative ideas and quickly test. Those ideas that demonstrate market potential are developed to commercial exits,” says Nikki Williams, clinical education leader at Actuated Medical.

AMI's first commercialized medical device, for example, is the TubeClear system, which uses motion to mechanically clear sluggish and clogged feeding tubes, while the tube remains in the patient. The device, Williams explains, operates at the patient’s bedside, allowing clinicians to efficiently maintain feeding tube patency, for optimum enteral therapy delivery. The TubeClear system is faster and more effective than the competition, she says, and gaining acceptance in hospitals across the country, to maintain feeding tube flow.

AMI's second commercial product, the NeuralGlider inserter, is gaining acceptance as a tool necessary for preclinical researchers to successfully insert neural implants. The NeuralGlider inserter uses ultrasonic vibration to reduce the insertion force of electrode arrays into brain tissue. Reduction of force minimizes tissue dimpling and foreign body response, and allows for increased accuracy for implant placement.

Currently, Actuated Medical is focusing on both responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, while also working on commercialized projects like these.

“While the pandemic led to us manufacturing face shields, we continue to innovate and develop next generation medical devices,” says Williams. “We focus on incorporating motion technology into devices to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. In addition, we continue to look for ways to innovate our face shield products to meet evolving needs as we adapt to the new normal.”

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