Your sales funnel is full, but your sales are lagging: Learn how to turn things around


Is Your Sales Funnel Full but Sales Are Lagging?

If any of these frustrations sound familiar, your sales pipeline could be your problem:

  • You’re not closing opportunities you expected to close.
  • Closing takes longer than projected, throwing off your sales forecasts.
  • You find yourself in competitive situations that lower your gross margin.
  • Your sales team is wasting valuable time with opportunities that are not sales-qualified leads.

Join Sandler System expert John Moore and HappyValley Industry’s lead storyteller Greg Woodman for this 55-minute session specifically for business leaders to learn the proven solutions.

Thursday, May 30 at 11 AM
The Devorris Center, Altoona
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You’ll learn:

  1. How to use your prospects’ point of view to capture interest and attention and get more sales-qualified leads into your pipeline.
  2. What your sales force MUST possess to improve your pipeline’s accuracy.
  3. Six hidden sales weaknesses your sales team must overcome for better forecasting, based on evaluations of 2.5 million salespeople.
  4. Why the 80/20 rule doesn’t work anymore.
  5. The 5 action steps to take to get your sales pipeline producing results.

Register now to attend in-person or via webinar to learn the proven process and system for capturing qualified leads and closing sales.

John Moore

After 16 years in sales and sales management, John and his family moved to Central Pennsylvania and founded Moore Power Sales in 1995. He has a strong passion for helping clients avoid the many pitfalls and unnecessary struggles he experienced in the corporate world.

By powerful and personal evaluations, training and coaching, John helps true professionals access their unique talents and reach higher levels of success in a shorter time.

John has brought world-class strategies to Central Pennsylvania allowing our local companies to have access to powerful help and reinforcement in their back yard which is typically only available to the “big boys.”

Greg Woodman

Greg Woodman is CEO of Affinity Connection and an Instructor of Entrepreneurial Leadership at Penn State University. He has been involved in marketing and publishing for over four decades, spending his Penn State tuition money to print and sell tee shirts walking from tailgate to tailgate in 1979 then creating famous and infamous products like the cardboard Standup Joe Paterno, the Penn State “twins poster,” and the Are You a Penn Stater Guidebook.

In 1994, Woodman became the VP of Marketing for AIRWALK Footwear, driving revenue from $14 million to $200 million in just five years in a marketing push that garnered numerous awards for industry innovation and led to the sale of the brand in 1999.

Woodman has founded numerous publications and promotional platforms including Pennsylvania Business Central, Happy Valley Promotions,, Blue-White Illustrated, Experience Happy Valley and, most recently, the book Why Penn State and digital business publication HappyValley Industry.

Since 2000, he has served as CEO of Affinity Connection, which provides marketing and publishing services for clients ranging from non-profits to small businesses.


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