Rich Everts’ AI helps people with disabilities live more independently


On Thursday, June 3, Pennsylvania tech will be in the spotlight at the first-ever Central PA Innovate! Exhibition. The regional Industry 4.0 showcase will provide a virtual platform for technologists to share how their innovations have helped to solve problems, improve efficiency and create customer success stories. One of the featured speakers is Rich Everts, co-founder and CEO of Lancaster-based Bestie Bot, a Home AI company specializing in aging-in-place solutions, helping those with Alzheimers, Autism, and other disabilities. He’ll be talking about how Bestie Bots’ AI helps with critical issues for those with disabilities, including failing equipment or unusual sleep patterns. 

HVI: Tell us about your company in one sentence.

Everts: Bestie Bot brings AI to your smart home to improve its intelligence and take care of you better.

HVI: What’s your company’s secret sauce that sets you apart from your competitors?

Everts: Our company's secret sauce is twofold. One, everyone who works on our team is intimately involved with those aging in place, representing some extremely challenging environments, and all devices are tested within our own homes first before they go out to our customers. Two, we have cutting edge AI developers who are working on not only responding to events around a home, but understanding in context what it means. These are very hard problems, and our developers work with the best in Silicon Valley and other areas to know and implement bleeding edge ideas into our designs.

HVI: What pain points is your company uniquely solving for your customers?

Everts: The unique pain [we help to alleviate] is either the guilt individuals put on themselves for not being there to take care of their loved ones around the clock, or the frustrations of not being technically savvy enough to get usefulness out of a modern smart home.

HVI: What do you think the benefits are for tech companies to exist within the Central PA technology and innovation ecosystem?

Everts: One benefit of technology in the Central PA area is that with remote work, many top shelf developers can be persuaded to come to areas with more outdoor and small city cultural life, and have much more disposable income due to the lower cost of living.

HVI: Can you finish this statement: After attending your talk at the conference, attendees will know ____________________.

Everts:  They’ll gain an in-depth understanding of how AI will affect their home lives over the next 5 - 10 years. The conference is a rare opportunity to network with cutting-edge technology driven businesses in the region, many of whom will perform as good if not better work than companies in more urban areas. 



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