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A perfect combo: STAR-X and Penn State

By Timothy Kelly 1.5-million light year-wide jets of very high-energy plasma, subatomic particles and magnetic fields shooting from the supermassive black hole in galaxy Hercules A, shown in optical, x-ray (purple) and radio (blue). Photo: X-ray: NASA/CXC/SAO, Optical: NASA/STScI, Radio: NSF/NRAO/VLA). On Aug. 18, NASA announced that a proposed space mission called STAR-X had been […]

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PSU researchers tackling national organ transplant shortage

By Jeff Cavanaugh Dr. Amir Sheikhi and his team are working to address nationwide organ transplant shortage at Shekhi Lab at Penn State University. Photo: Penn State. Penn State researchers have developed a potentially groundbreaking solution to the nationwide organ transplant shortage, using a new class of bioinks that produces engineered live tissue using 3D printing […]

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The Nittany AI Alliance launches its Leadership Academy

By Caryn Anderson Patrick Elisii leading a conversation and leading the way for students interested in joining the AI Challenge. Photo: Provided. Since March 2021, when HappyValley Industry last caught up with Nittany AI, there’s been an exciting new opportunity for students who want to take part in the Nittany AI challenge (which “offers Penn […]

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“Striving to be a lightning rod” in region underserved by capital resources

By Stephanie Kalina-Metzger Matt and Edan Rhodes. Photo: Provided. Matt Rhodes, managing director of Happy Valley’s 1855 Capital, has been deeply involved in the tech world over the years. The businessman graduated from Penn State in 1979 with a degree in physics, before earning a master’s in electrical engineering from Lehigh University and an MBA […]

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What happens when your first startup fails? In Happy Valley, it’s just the beginning

By Caryn Anderson Photo: Xora co-founder Royce D’Souza hard at work. In 2021, HappyValley Industry covered budding startup Xora. Specializing in 3D design communication, Xora had help from Ben Franklin’s Fall 2020 TechCelerator program and Penn State’s 2020 Summer Founders Program. The future was bright — until it wasn’t. The highs and lows of entrepreneurship […]

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“Materials matter at a human level:” highlights from Materials Day

By Cara Aungst Photo: Penn State On October 20-21, Materials Day at Penn State showcased two things that University excels in: breakthroughs in materials science, and collaborating with industry and government entities to propel innovations into the marketplace. This year’s event, which was held in person after a two-year hiatus, focused on research discoveries being […]

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