How to Hire Penn State's Top Grads: 6 Recruiting Resources You Need


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Attracting and retaining top talent is a major piece of business success, and employers needn’t look any further than Penn State. With half a million alumni, Penn State is supplying the nation with top talent from leading degree programs.

The U.S. News & World Report “Best Colleges” (Undergraduate) for 2020 ranks Penn State No. 57 for the year. With several rankings in undergraduate programs, such as business, engineering and education, Penn State graduates are rightly sought after.

For companies looking for the best ways to reach this leading talent pool, there are several resources available.

How to Hire Top Penn State Talent

For starters, don’t make hiring harder than it needs to be. Start by utilizing Penn State’s incredible career and alumni network resources. If you’re looking for new graduates, securing top talent before they leave the university is an excellent way to ensure mutual success. Penn State has several resources available to connect with upcoming graduates, as well as alumni.

  1. The Nittany Lion Alumni Career Network – This platform is a one-stop shop for students, alumni and employers. As an employer, you can post job openings to over 84,000 enrolled students and alumni, and then filter talent based on your specific requirements. You can also build relationships with specific offices at the university while building your on-campus recruiting strategy. Many of Penn State’s top graduates rely on the incredible networking opportunities offered by the university, which makes this an excellent way to reach talent.

  2. Nittany Networking Events and Career Fairs – These events allow for face-to-face interaction with alumni. Using these events can help you target your networking to yield the most valuable relationships and lead to securing top talent for your company or organization. Because these events are currently virtual, it’s also an excellent opportunity for companies outside of Happy Valley to take advantage of the wealth of talent available.

    Fall and spring online career fairs cover three groups: non-technical, full-time; internships and co-ops; and technical full-time; plus college- and campus-specific career days allow for businesses to reach their targeted groups easily. Click here for specific dates and details. Don’t miss out on the accessibility offered via virtual recruiting!

  3. Penn State also has an entire webpage dedicated to recruiting strategies. It provides employers with information on Penn State’s career services on campus, which consists of college career offices and central career services. These offices work to help you develop a plan to recruit top PSU talent, schedule interviews, post jobs and more.

You can’t go wrong by taking full advantage of Penn State’s alumni and career services. Their network is strong and their process is fine-tuned to make top PSU graduates ready and accessible.

Finding Top Penn State Talent Elsewhere

To maximize your reach, you can always take advantage of popular job search resources that are host to thousands of Penn State graduates. Because of the wealth of alumni, you'll find a strong presence on all of the major recruiting outlets below.

  1. LinkedIn – There are over a quarter million Penn State graduates on LinkedIn. While not all are looking for work, the platform yields a tremendous opportunity to get job listings in front of Penn Staters. Highly customizable search features and filters make it easy to target your ideal candidates. Click here to use LinkedIn Recruiter to gain access to their deep PSU talent pool.

  2. Indeed – Did you know that you can find university-specific job seekers on Indeed? Indeed hosts more than 90 million resumes, making it a top job search site. Many of Penn State’s top graduates are using it to post their resumes and with Indeed’s “Advanced Resume Search”, you’ll be able to find them quickly. Not only can you filter by school name to find only Penn State graduates, you can specify everything from degree to location, to specific words or phrases included in the resume.

  3. FlexJobs – If you offer flexible and/or remote positions (especially during the ongoing pandemic), your search for Penn State’s top graduates should include FlexJobs also allows you to filter your candidates, meaning you can specifically look for Penn State graduates that will be a fit for your company based on their location, career level and more.

No matter where you search or how you find them, Penn State graduates boast sought-after degrees from nationally-ranked programs. These resources will help you reach your targeted audience of Penn State’s top graduates, whether you’re based in Happy Valley or Silicone Valley.









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