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By Holly Riddle

In Happy Valley, professionals who’ve moved to the area often cite work-life balance as a key factor behind decision to live in the region: they’re able to slow down and better recognize the elements of their personal lives that either help or hinder their professional lives.

We’ve already covered how, particularly for young professional, finding consistent childcare in Happy Valley can negatively impact business pursuits — but also how one new business is serving that critical need for childcare, helping area professionals thrive.

Another business is also providing personal support that leads to professional success. F45 Training State Collegeprovides a quick, accessible fitness solution for those with limited time.

Any professional — and especially any entrepreneur — will tell you that time is precious. When you’re attempting to grow a career and then a business, long hours and work-filled nights and weekends are just the norm. More and more, experts point to exercise as a way to improve productivity and work performance. Harvard Business Review covered research that showed physical activity results in positive work-related benefits as soon as the next day, and Forbes notes that the benefits of exercise can even stretch to pay increases.

While the obvious ROI is there, it’s not always obvious how one is going to fit in that fitness routine. Enter, F45 Training State College.

A fitness solution in just 45 minutes

“I enjoy working out, and if I could, I would spend hours at the gym, but realistically that's not feasible. So, having an effective and fun workout that only takes 45 minutes seemed like a great solution,” said JR Duffy, of why he started F45 Training State College more than seven years ago. Before opening F45 Training State College on East College Avenue, Duffy worked in IT and business consulting, before launching his own training service in Los Angeles, in 2012.

“Most people understand the importance of exercise, both on their physical health as well as their mental health,” he added. “The problem often comes to not having enough time. Our classes our only 45 minutes, and we offer a bunch of opportunities throughout the day to help find a time that can work best for each individual.”

The F45 Training brand offers locations all around the country, but the ethos remains the same no matter where you are. The brand focuses on “innovative, high-intensity functional group workouts that are fast, fun and results-driven.” Workouts can be suited to any fitness level, no matter where you are on your fitness journey.

Duffy explained, “The best part about F45 State College is our ability to adapt and personalize to the individual. From high school and college student athletes, parents, working professionals, retirees — everyone can benefit from our training.”

It’s an approach that Duffy said he’s never seen in State College.

“As a former [F45] member while living out West, I had personally experienced the benefits from F45 and wanted to bring this back to the State College community. I knew we could help a lot of people,” he said.

So far, F45 Training State College has helped thousands of individuals on their fitness journeys, and hopes to continue to help building a healthy community in the years ahead.

Do you know a business that supports Happy Valley professionals in their pursuits to live a healthier lifestyle? Tell us about it.


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