Demystifying and mastering the art of the sale: Advice from Moore Power Sales and the Sandler Selling System


“The Sandler system changed my life.”

“It works on the whole person, lifting their self-esteem, bringing confidence and bulletproofing them so they can prospect consistently and close new opportunities.

“This changed who we hired in terms of a successful salesperson in our business. They ramp up faster and we have stronger salespeople. Previously all we focused on was their experience in our market and not enough on ‘Could they sell?’

“We redefined the true role of a Sales Manager to grow the effectiveness of our team.”

This is the kind of feedback that John Moore has heard over his near-30 years of business, teaching companies and individuals the art of sales.

Moore founded Moore Power Sales in 1995, following his own 10+ years of experience in sales elsewhere. Since then, he’s worked with a range of long-term clients that represent the agriculture, manufacturing, IT, retail and startup spaces, including Creative Composites, Cargill and McLanahan.

Alumni of the Moore Power Sales program, which utilizes the Sandler Selling System, say that the program picks you up, meets you where you are and sets you on the road to sales success. The program realizes that selling isn’t just all about the gift of gab. There’s an actual craft that must be mastered — and the Sandler Selling System makes it easier, demystifying the process and breaking it down into a step-by-step systematic process keeping you in control of the sales cycle without being pushy and shortening the sales cycle.

So, how does it work? If you know there’s more potential to be had from your salespeople, and you’re frustrated with trying to capture all the business that you can, you’re ready for Moore Power Sales and the Sandler Selling System.

Moore comes in and takes a thorough evaluation of your selling engine including how many salespeople have a strong Will to Sell and the Six Hidden Weaknesses that can nullify your sales team’s ability to execute your vision. He identifies your unique needs, never taking a cookie-cutter approach to his clients. Then, he offers a tailored scope of services based on those findings, and begins by building a very strong Sales Infrastructure to support the growth desired.

According to Moore, “You may be doing well, but you know you could be better. We’ll help you hire stronger sales performers and evaluate your current salespeople to uncover specific sales weaknesses and grow your effectiveness.”

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