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Zoom Training on Building Your Brand to Attract Penn State Talent

Building Your Brand and Recruiting Penn State TalentJanuary 12, 202211:00 am - 12:00 pmRegister HEREThere is a fierce competition for talent!Learn how to win the war for talent? Attend this one hour Zoom training to learn some valuable information to help your company effectively recruit Penn State talent. At this session you will: • Understand […]

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Ben Franklin Giving Happy Valley Innovators a Boost with $50k Grand Prize

Ben Franklin Technology Partners is looking for innovators with big ideas in Happy Valley, Clarion, Clearfield, and Jefferson Counties — and the winner takes home $50,000. “If you are developing or crafting a product, process or innovation related to the maker economy, outdoors and recreation, forest products, manufacturing or technology, you need to apply for […]

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From “Right Place, Right Time” to 2,000+ Customers Worldwide

Happy Valley innovation and ingenuity is a driving force in this Ben Franklin Technology Partners’ success story, but timing played an equally important role in the rise of SoftGenetics.  “It was kind of kismet,” chuckles co-founder John Fosnacht. “My partner Dr. Jonathan Liu and myself had just sold a weld sequencer to a leading cancer […]

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Magnitude Instruments is “Kicking Axis, Taking Names” While it Fuels Renewable Tech

5 Qs with Spectroscopy Founder Magnitude Instruments is a Ben Franklin-fueled startup with a mission: to make time-resolved spectroscopy available to everyone … not just the super nerds. “We’re democratizing it for all researchers,” says founder Eric Kennehan. And he says that incubating the company here in Happy Valley has been critical to their growing […]

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It’s the Pits: Persea Naturals is Another Ben Franklin Success Story in the Making

Imagine mac and cheese, nacho chips and other packaged goods made with natural coloring that comes from avocado seeds instead of artificial colors. That’s the genius behind Persea Naturals and its flagship, patent-pending product, AvoColor. This disruptive natural food coloring compound produces colors ranging from yellow up to orangey-red. Virtually any food, beverage, baked good, […]

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ConidioTec on Its Breakthrough Bed Bug Treatment and What to Do After Your Next Vacation

In a recent “Bugs without Borders” study, 89% of pest professionals report treating bed bug infestations in single-family homes, 88% report treating in apartments/condos and 67% report treating in hotels/motels. Bed bugs can live for months without a blood meal and survive temperatures from freezing to 122 degrees. They can travel home from your vacation or […]

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